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French Excavation Solutions provides a competitive range of services to the domestic, commercial, rural and civil industries.

No matter how small or how large the project, we recognise the need for customer service to achieve a collaborated outcome in delivering projects. We collaborate with the client to maximise their needs to deliver projects to a high standard.

We are dedicated to providing value-for-money excavation solutions to the Hunter, Central Coast and Sydney Metro areas, delivering projects on time and on budget.

Main Services

Do you have a sloping block that you wish was level?  French Excavation Solutions offers a wide range of landscaping solutions tailored for the needs of new home developments.  

We have the capabilities to retain land and backfill the desired space providing a level area, and to raise service pits in residential areas to the required height.  We provide turfing services with the best quality products on the market, from Buffalo to Blue Couch.  We have laser level capabilities to ensure accuracy to the millimetre.

  • Land Levelling
  • Paths and Driveways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Backfilling
  • Turfing

Site Preparation

Are you planning a new project?  French Excavation Solutions has the capabilities to carry out all site preparations to provide a blank canvas, offering a range of services to ensure the site is clean and prepared to the highest standard before construction begins.  

Whether it's vegetation and waste removal, preparing a concrete slab with piers and footings, or levelling a construction area, we have the required capabilities to provide a well-organised site ready for the construction phase to commence.

  • Land and Site Cleans (before and after construction)
  • Laser Levelling
  • Waste Disposal
  • Concrete Slab Footing and Piers

Do you have a damp area on your property, or receive unwanted run off from the neighbour's property in heavy rain?  French Excavation Solutions has the capabilities to identify the issue and provide a solution to rectify the problem.  

From Agi lines to storm water, we can provide a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs.  French Excavation Solutions also provides solutions to rural properties that require dams and overflow drains to be constructed or cleaned out, and table drains that direct the flow of water to the required area.

  • Agi Line Drainage
  • Dam Construction and Maintenance
  • Table Drains
  • Storm Water Solution

Do you require utility services such as electricity or water to be redirected, or the installation of new services to a property?  French Excavation Solutions provide trenching solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the Australian Standards.  

Whether it's gas, water, or electricity, we provide this service at the highest standard.  Sand and aggregate are utilised within all service trenches.  Service tape is also placed over the sand or aggregate to ensure identification of services below if excavation is required at a later date.

  • Trenching for Footings for Slabs
  • Trenching for Gas Lines
  • Trenching for Electricity Service
  • Trenching for Water Services (Storm Water)




French Excavation Solutions recognises the need to provide a safe working environment to protect the health and safety of its staff and the wider community.


Due to the high risk level of operating machinery in sometimes challenging circumstances we risk access each project on its complexity, risk to staff, and risk to the wider community.


All steps are taken to reduce the risk level of each project to provide our staff a safe working environment. All equipment is serviced and maintained to the highest level.


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